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Naken Chat

By: Michael Kohn (

Naken Chat is a public chat server written in C with clients written in Java (applets for web pages and midlets for mobile phones), RealBasic, TCL/TK, Python, and more. It allows multiple people to connect to it and talk simultaneously to each other or in private messages. The goal of Naken Chat is to be as small and fast as possible using the least amount of your computer's memory with the most amount of features. The current size of the Naken Chat binary on a Linux box is about 45k after being "stripped". I've fully tested this program on FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, Windows 98 and XP, MacOSX, Gumstix embedded computers, and even Linksys WRT54GL routers running OpenWrt.

The Naken Chat server can be connected to through many different client programs including telnet, a Java applet, a Python client, Windows clients, and J2ME Naken Chat Client for mobile phones.


  • SSL support (as of version 3.0) with ncic and other clients
  • Private channels created by anyone (with channel-ops)
  • Channel locking to not allow unwanted visitors in
  • Channel squelching to make annoying people in your channel shut up
  • Gagging to make annoying users not be able to write to you
  • Private messages
  • User levels
  • Idle users can be knocked offline after an idle period
  • Channels are now optional
  • Username/Password file so only known people can log in
  • Beeps for when someone gets a private messages
  • Private message highlighting
  • Special Channels
    • Main: The main channel.. can also be called channel 0
    • Hidden caves: if you go to a channel that has a number and the number is between 1000 and 1999, the channel won't be listed when people type .w to see who's online. This feature is no longer compiled in by default.
  • Site Banning
  • Sysop (special power) functions
  • Cross channel yelling so users in one channel can send a message to people in all the channels
  • Hushing Yells so a user won't see any messages that were yelled
  • If user types too much too fast they are bumped offline
  • Internationalization (so Swedish/Norweigan/Hebrew/Arabic/etc. chars work)
  • If you type: .w<number> it will give you only that line number or .w<string> would filter for that string
  • Chat Logging
  • Ability to hide IP's (for security)
  • Sysop hiding
  • Time stamping
  • Many more features I can't remember at this time :)

Copyright 1997-2011 - Michael Kohn

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